Unlike Apex Legends, Overwatch Is Getting A New Hero Next Week


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Unlike Apex Legends, Overwatch Is Getting A New Hero Next Week TheGamer

Overwatch is finally introducing its newest Haitian healer, Baptiste, on March 19, and fans can't wait.

Overwatch hero Baptiste will go live on all platforms next week VG247

Baptiste will go live for all Overwatch players next week. Announced in February, he is the 30th hero to be added to the roster and is a support class.

New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Comes Out of PTR Next Tuesday DualShockers

The newest Overwatch hero, Baptiste, will be released for play on all platforms on March 19, 2019. Baptiste is a combat medic who was announced and playable on the PC PTR (player test realm) on February 26. He is the 30th hero to be released for ...

Baptiste, Overwatch's New Hero Is Coming 19 March n3rdabl3

Baptiste, the latest character to join the Overwatch roster, will be leaving the PTR next week and will be available for everyone.

Overwatch leak could hint at upcoming Archives event details Dexerto.com

Does this leaked achievement reveal what's coming in the next in-game event?

New hero Baptiste prepares to hit live servers on March 19 WIN.gg

The latest hero in Overwatch is coming to live servers soon.

Overwatch's Baptiste Available For All Platforms on March 19th SegmentNext

The new Overwatch hero is known as Baptiste, a Haitian combat medic who grew up an orphan will make his Overwatch debut next week on March 19th as a healer. Overwatch reached a milestone last month by officially revealing their 30th character.

Overwatch Support Hero Baptiste Launches Next Tuesday Kotaku UK (blog)

Nearly three years after it was first release, post launch support for Overwatch is still strong. A few weeks back, we first learned about Baptiste, a new hero who would be coming to the competitive hero shooter, and now we know a little more about when we'll ...

OMG: Sombra and Baptiste are canonically friends Heroes Never Die

With Baptiste incoming to Overwatch, the developers took some time to answer fan questions about his lore and kit. It's definitely worth reading the whole AMA, especially if you're curious about what Baptiste eats (answer: a lot). One answer really jumped out ...

Overwatch в Twitter: "Everyone sign their life insurance policies? Baptiste reports for duty 03.19.19… " Twitter

"I'm trying to sneak around but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards." 2 replies 11 ретуита 252 харесва. Отговор. 2.

Baptiste - Developer Q&A Answers - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums - Blizzard Forums Blizzard Forums

Good day all,. A handful of our developers took the time to address questions surrounding gameplay design and lore revolving around Overwatch's 30th Hero, ...

Baptiste Joins Overwatch Roster Next Week Hardcore Gamer

Blizzard continues to expand their lineup of heroes with their newest addition arriving in just a matter of days. Baptiste, the combat medic that was revealed last month, has seen an extensive stay on the PC-exclusive PTR, and is almost ready for action on all ...

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