Manganese Induces Increased Secretion of Misfolded Parkinson's Protein


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Manganese Induces Increased Secretion of Misfolded Parkinson's Protein Technology Networks

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Parkinson's: Study Reveals How Cancer Drug Reduces Toxic Protein In Brain UrduPoint News

Laboratory and animal studies have suggested that the leukemia drug nilotinib could alleviate symptoms of Parkinsons disease.

Parkinson's disease study reveals how cancer drug reduces toxic protein in brain Pharmaceutical Business Review

Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center claim to have understood how a cancer drug functions in the brains of patients with Parkinson's disease.

What Role Does Cancer Drug Play In Parkinson's Disease? Indaily Times

What role do cancer drug play in Parkinson's disease? Many studies have shown that the leukemia drug nilotinib may relieve symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Now in a new study, the researchers explained how this drug is effective against toxic protein as ...

Study explores manganese exposure and symptoms resembling Parkinson's Mental Daily

Researchers at Iowa State University has released a new study exploring the biological processes following chronic exposure to certain metals and the subsequent onset of symptoms in neurodegenerative diseases, like Parkinson's disease. In the study ...

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