My Spotify Wrapped 2018: Top Songs, How to Listen, See Stats


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My Spotify Wrapped 2018: Top Songs, How to Listen, See Stats Newsweek

One of the best playlists of the year is about to be released by Spotify and it's personalized to each user. The end of the year means Spotify's annual release of listened data from the year all “wrapped” up in a nice landing page. Some listeners may ...

Here's how to find out your most listened artists, songs of 2018 Alternative Press (blog)

Do you know what artists and songs you listened to the most this year? Don't worry if you don't have the answer right away because Spotify is ready to tell you. Check out below how to find out your most listened songs, artists, genres and more of the ...

Spotify Delivers Artists 2018 'Wrapped' Year-End Insights Billboard

Spotify for Artists announced that launch of its annual Artist Wrapped campaign on Thursday (Dec. 6), giving musicians and their teams insight into their success on the platform over the past year. As with past years, artists are provided with a custom ...

Spotify Wrapped - how to find out your most listened to songs of 2018 Birmingham Live

Spotify have just released its "Wrapped" feature for 2018, so you can discover your musical habits this year. It lets you find out what you've been listening to over the past year including top artists, songs and total time spent listening. The ...

Spotify's 2018 Wrapped feature is now live and ready to take you down memory lane TechCrunch

As we approach the new year, it's time to be reminded how many times we all listened to “thank U, next” in 2018. How? With Spotify's Wrapped, which is now live on the music streaming app. AdChoices. For the last few years, Spotify has made it very easy ...

Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to find out your top Spotify tracks for this year

Spotify Wrapped is available now with Spotify users able to discover their top tracks of 2018. Spotify Wrapped gives users of the music streaming service an insight into their listening habits for the year. They can find out the first song they ...

Ashamed Of Your 2018 Music Choices? Spotify Is Here to Drag You Refinery29

This was a weird year — though, to be honest, which year in recent memory wasn't? And, for many of us, music was a lifeline. But have you ever stopped to wonder just how many times you actually listened to "thank u, next?" Wonder no more. Spotify just ...

Do you know your top artists and songs for 2018? Find out with Spotify Wrapped TechRadar

Whether your 2018 was a year to remember, or one you'd like to swiftly forget come New Year's Eve, it's safe to say that it was a fantastic year for music streaming platform Spotify, who counted 83 million users as of July this year. Now the streaming ...

Everyone is using Spotify's sweet new tool to discover and share their top ... Markets Insider

Every year, Spotify releases a tool that lets users see their personalized top charts for the past year. It's a fascinating look into personal listening habits, and it comes in a very attractive package. People are sharing their charts on social media ...

Spotify Year In Review: How To Find Your Top Artists, Songs Of 2018 International Business Times

Spotify, like any other streaming platform, is constantly collecting data about its users based on what they listen to. One minor benefit of this is that the service can produce slick, informative “year in review” lists that show each user what they ...

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El año fue diferente para todos, pero así sonó mi 2018. Recuerda tu año. #Mi2018Spotify @Spotify
El año fue diferente para todos, pero así sonó mi 2018. Recuerda tu año. #Mi2018Spotify @Spotify
RT @lovelikelipa: @DUALIPA i can’t believe spotify just exposed me like this
me: i need new music Spotify: heres all the songs you listened to every day all year me: SAY NO MORE
WhatsApp podia ligar com Spotify pra fazer tipo MSN que as pessoas viam o que você tava ouvindo.
Thank you @flo_tweet for spending 162 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2018Wrapped
Pakinggan nyo naman pleeease! Composed by meh.😂 Enjoy! @carlyncabel #bastamahalkita
@abbyshackley @Spotify I try to make you proud
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jamás me superan en min escuchados #Mi2018Spotify @Spotify
HAHAHAHAHHA @Spotify. #2018ArtistWrapped
why are all the spotify wrapped playlists wrong...
No one is surprised (I've only been consistant with spotify for about 4 months now)
Everyone's year was different, but this is how 2018 sounded to me. Get yours. #2018Wrapped @Spotify
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